Kids Headshots

Wow the industry with a headshot that POPS!

In an industry where first impressions are EVERYTHING, having a headshot that stands out from the crowd is an absolute must.
Of course, we all know that every kid has that little something that makes them so unique.
A wonderful personality, a cheeky smile, or a certain sparkle in their eye.
You know this, we know this, and you can be sure that casting directors all know this too.
But while this is so very easy to spot when meeting your child face-to-face, it’s not quite the same when it comes to a still image like the headshots casting directors look through every single day.
Take on the job yourself and you’re faced with so many choices — what to wear, makeup or no makeup, indoor or outdoor, and that’s before you even think about poses.
And when it comes to taking the actual photo, capturing that essence that makes your child unique can be like trying to catch bubbles in the wind — it’s fun to try, but you can never quite manage it.

In fact, casting directors will routinely ignore shots that don’t look like they’ve been taken by a professional photographer as they don’t quite reflect what the child will look like under studio lights.
That’s why the vast majority of kids in the entertainment industry have professional headshots taken in a studio.
But as we said earlier, that headshot needs to be memorable and truly represent your child’s individuality.
Not an easy task, but that’s where we come in.
You see, after taking headshots for thousands of kids over the years, we’re pretty good at spotting exactly what it is that makes a child so special.
Better yet, we’ve perfected the art of translating that uniqueness into an amazing headshot that allows a casting director to immediately recognise that special something that makes your child one of a kind.
And we can do all of that in less time than it takes your child to tidy their room.
Okay, perhaps that’s not a great analogy, but you get the point — our headshot service is quick and hassle-free.
Your child will spend 30 minutes tops in our studio where our photographer will take multiple shots.
You’ll then choose your five favourite images from the shoot and we’ll start editing and retouching the images.
In the meantime, you and your child can head home and take a well-deserved rest.
Yes, it really is that simple.
Your child will get five amazing headshots, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they now have the best possible chance to get noticed by the movers and shakers in the industry.

So if that peace of mind sounds like something you’d like, then please feel free to give us a call or book your child’s session by purchasing a headshot package here.

Kids Headshot packages start at $350 and include:

    • 30 min photoshoot
    • 5 digital images of your choice
    • Editing/retouching