Present the right image with a polished LinkedIn headshot

For anyone that uses the professional social network, that should come as no real surprise — after all, would you want to do business with a faceless stranger?
But perhaps just as important as adding a photo to your profile is whether or not it reflects who you are from a professional perspective.
While that old cropped, out of focus snap of you at a formal event 10 years ago might be all you have to hand at the moment, the chances are it’s doing your professional image more harm than good.
Think about it this way — would you turn up to a business meeting in an old outfit that doesn’t quite fit or in something inappropriate for the setting?
Because that’s exactly what you’re doing when you use old photos or holiday snaps for your LinkedIn profile.
And like it or not, human nature often causes us to make snap judgements based on an image.
That means that potential employers, clients, customers, and business connections are far less likely to accept your connection request or reach out to you if you persist in using that old, out of focus shot.
But, believe it or not, that’s not the only reason to invest in a professional headshot.
Research shows that people will retain 65% of visual content they see and only 10% of written content they read — so while anyone viewing your profile on LinkedIn may forget your name, they’ll rarely forget your photo.

So what is the right image?
Well, that all depends on your industry and how you’d like to be perceived.
And that’s where we can help.
When you purchase a LinkedIn headshot package with Windsor you’re not just getting a headshot.
Our professional in-house photographer will give you suggestions based on your industry and your expectations while also giving you some pointers on poses and angles that are not only flattering but also reflect something of your own personality.
We’ll even give you two shots so you can use different images for your LinkedIn profile and perhaps your company’s about page. And one of those images can be an upper body shot just to mix things up a bit.
Our photographer will also edit and retouch your images so that you’ll look your absolute best in each shot.
So if you’re done with out of focus, cropped images…
Would rather not use your unflattering company ID photo…
And really don’t have time to spend taking countless smartphone selfies…

Then give us a call and we’ll be only too happy to arrange a session at a time that works for you. Alternatively, you can go right ahead and book your session by purchasing the package here.

LinkedIn headshot packages start at $330 and include:

    • Guidance and advice from your photographer
    • 2 digital images prepped for use on LinkedIn
    • Editing/retouching