Beat the competition with a portfolio that dazzles

The modelling industry is hugely competitive right now, and it takes something really special to stand out from the crowd.
An unusual smile, a certain look, or the way you hold yourself in front of the camera — these are the kind of things that photographers are always on the lookout for.
What they don’t want to see are flat and boring images that have no real feeling behind them.
This is why you want your portfolio to reflect your true self.
You want it to let the photographer or casting agent looking at it know that you’ve got that something special that makes you one-of-a-kind.
But capturing the essence that makes you…you, isn’t the easiest of tasks.
And it’s certainly not something that you can do with a few headshots and photos you’ve taken yourself.
What you need — and what fashion photographers are looking for — is a professionally shot portfolio that highlights all the modelling skills needed of a top model.
And that’s where we can help.

Windsor Photo Studio also happens to be a sister company to two talent agencies — Australia’s longest running child talent agency Bubblegum Casting, and Hunter Talent.
So you could say that we know a little something about how the modelling industry works.
And it’s this experience and industry know-how that makes our service so very different from other studios.
With a Windsor portfolio package, you don’t ‘just’ get 12-15 amazing photos that highlight your qualities and individuality.
You’ll also get invaluable guidance and advice that will help you in your modelling career.
The kind of insider tips that could give you a better chance at landing that next assignment.

So if you’re ready to take your modelling career to the next level with a portfolio that knocks out the competition… Give us a call or book your session by purchasing a portfolio package here.

Portfolio packages start at $950
All packages include:

    • Training and guidance from industry experts
    • Hair and makeup
    • 2 outfits/looks
    • 12-15 digital images of your choice
    • Editing/retouching